Fire Safety & Warden Training

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Fire Safety Training Requirements….

The training of building occupants to deal with and coordinate the response to emergencies is not only required by the Australian Standard (AS) 3745-2010, but essential to ensuring a rapid yet safe response.

A dedicated and well-prepared Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) provides the foundation for an effective emergency response, particularly when combined with well-trained occupants.

FireReady are specialists when it comes to meeting all of your fire safety training needs.

Our professional instructors come with real world emergency services experience – so you can rest-assured knowing that the training received will be second-to-none, with instructors sharing their knowledge and skills gained on the job.

Training Course Online Onsite Virtual Duration Frequency
  • Roles & responsibilities
  • Pre-emergency procedures
  • Emergency procedures
  • Liaising with emergency services
  • Using installed emergency warning equipment
  • Coordination of evacuation
  • Post-evacuation activities
right_iconn right_iconn right_iconn 1.5hrs 12 months
General Evacuation & First Response Fire Attack
  • Roles & responsibilities
  • Reporting of emergencies
  • Reacting safely to emergencies/alarms
  • Procedures for specific emergencies
  • Safe operation of fire safety equipment
  • Correct extinguishing agents
  • Identification/authorities of ECO members
  • Evacuation procedures
  • Assembly areas & egress routes
  • Post-emergency protocols
right_iconn right_iconn right_iconn 1.5hrs 12 months
Evacuation Exercise
  • Pre-exercise briefing
  • Respond to simulated emergency as per your Emergency Plan
  • Evacuate building as per instructions
  • Participate in debrief/feedback sessions
N/A right_iconn N/A 1hr 12 months

Practical Fire Extinguisher Training

As part of our First Response Fire Attack training option, FireReady has adopted the very latest in technology to provide our clients a realistic and effective training experience!

Our FLAIM Virtual Reality (VR) Fire Extinguisher Trainer provides a safe, cost-effective and easy to set-up system – allowing for an interactive and engaging experience between trainer and students.

Our expert trainers can ensure that you are presented with realistic scenarios most likely to occur in your facility, so that you and your team feel confident when facing an emergency!



With over 40 different scenarios (and growing) to choose from, learning outcomes are greatly enhanced
at a fraction of the cost when compared to traditional methods of training.

  • Risk of injury virtually eliminated
  • No gas transport or fire permits required
  • Can be done within comfort of an air-conditioned office
  • Less setup/pack up time – ensuring minimal disruption to your business
  • No consumables – meaning that savings are passed onto our clients!
  • Variable & realistic scenarios
  • Engaging experience that can be observed by others to promote learning









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