Evacuation Management Training

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Evacuation Exercises

As per the Australian Standard (AS) 3745:2010 and other state-based legislation, each facility is required to conduct an organised evacuation training exercise annually, to test the response capability of its ECO (Emergency Control Organisation), and occupants/visitors.

To assist in meeting these requirements, the team at FireReady are specialists in designing realistic and site-specific exercise scenarios – vital to preparing your building occupants in facing unexpected emergencies.

Examples include simulated building fires, bomb threats, civil disorder/rioting and hazardous material incidents.

This ensures that you and your staff are as prepared as they can be to deal with unexpected emergencies, and confident in their decision making during these life-critical times.


What’s included as part of this service?

  • Consultation with your EPC (Emergency Planning Facility) regarding exercise design and site-specific requirements
  • Familiarisation with your facilities’ fire alarm equipment, i.e., Fire Indicator Panel (FIP).
  • Briefing provided to ECO covering exercise objectives, emergency procedures and their roles & responsibilities.
  • Set up and observation of exercise throughout – realistic scenario tailored to your facility risk profile
  • Debrief conducted with building occupants
  • Detailed exercise observation report highlighting successes and areas for improvement



Don’t risk being unprepared for life-critical emergencies and potential financial penalties