Fire Safety Advisors

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Professional Fire Safety Advisors

As per the Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008, high occupancy workplaces (i.e., 30 or more employees), or Class 2 or 3 buildings greater than 25m in height are required to appoint a Fire Safety Advisor.

Here at FireReady, our professional Fire Safety Advisors are here to help you navigate through the maze of compliance requirements to ensure your workplace is as prepared as it can be.

What’s included as part of this service?

  • Compliance management of all relevant Fire Safety Advisor requirements
  • Development & review of your Emergency Plan
  • Delivery of all required fire safety training for your site – Warden/Emergency Control Organisation (ECO), General Evacuation, First Response/Extinguisher (online OR on-site)
  • Annual fire safety inspections with recommendations provided
  • Establishing and management of your EPC (Emergency Planning Committee)
  • Evacuation exercises
  • Monitoring of fire safety installations’ maintenance schedule & maintenance records
  • Online cloud storage of all your relevant documentation for easy record-keeping

Don’t risk being unprepared for life-critical emergencies and potential financial penalties

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